My Website Is Not In Google Ranking, How To Fix It?


How to Fix Your Website Not Ranking in Google


How do you fix your website not ranking in Google?

You like your website and think your potential new customers will like it too, if only they could find it.

If your website is not visible or listed in Google search engine, it stops being a tool for attracting leads. In the vast majority of cases, a website that doesn't rank on Google means you need to seek help from Marketing Agency (SEO) - Also known as a search engine optimization company. How seo works for video (see our article: Optimizing video content for search)

At, we help businesses of all sizes achieve online success.

We can remedy the situation as soon as possible if your website is not ranking in Google.


By the way, this is one of our main specializations as a digital marketing company. But, if you want to try it yourself, before hiring an SEO Agent as a partner, we will answer your questions and share the basics. Keep reading if you want to find out why your site is not ranking, or simply contact us now for a discussion about promoting your site in search engines.



Why is my site not ranked?

Why isn't my site ranking on Google?

You get a deep feeling of frustration and frustration when you don't find your site on the countless search engine listings. Nearly all of your competitors are ahead of you for every search query and every service. even if they don't do much in terms of SEO, in which case you and many other business owners ask a simple question: “Why isn't my site ranking?”

If you try To give a short answer to this question, the person in charge of your SEO will certainly need some knowledge. The productive answer is that one or more of these 7 key factors are missing. Here are the main reasons why your site does not rank on Google:

Missing keywords

Google may be very smart, but Google does not and will not know what your company is doing until you report it. Finding the keywords that users are looking for in your site's titles and content is the first step to securing high site rankings. Often when we conduct site audit for a new customer, we find out that there are simply NO keywords anywhere.

No content.

If you're asking the question: Why isn't my site ranking? ” The answer could be one of several main reasons.
Critical Google Updates over the past few years, there has been an emphasis on ranking preference for websites with valuable, well-written content over sites that have little or no content.
In addition, informative sections are ideal places to use these popular keywords. This means that you need to pay special attention to the content and make sure that your site is professionally written and contains useful information, which includes The Right Keywords. Find out more about our solutions for content marketing.

Bad or duplicate content.

Lack of content can certainly be a big problem, but having incorrect content could potentially be even worse. In fact, it could even be the reason that your site is not ranking in Google. Google actively punishes sites that do "keyword stuffing" - the act of using too many keywords in their content. In addition, direct copying of content from another website (even if you have permission to do so) may result in your site being subject to a duplicate content penalty, which of course lowers your site's rankings.

This site is powered by Wix or Squarespace.

Although both Wix and Squarespace are world famous platforms to build websites, they make it EXTREMELY difficult to rank on the search engines. These templates are built with a lot of extra code, which is known to make them difficult to read by all major search engines.
Each search engine uses its own programs , but the principle of their work is very similar. They all perform three tasks: content checking, classification and rating.

No links

The goal of every search engine is to show users the most valuable websites. One of the main ways these systems determine a site's value is through the quantity and quality of links from other sites that point to yours. Link building is an important tactic in your SEO strategy to promote your site and the main tactic of our SEO packages.

Bad links

While respectable sites linking to your site increase your digital profile and raise your site in rankings, incorrect links do the exact opposite. Links from sites with questionable reputations can actually penalize your site and damage a solid ranking . Sometimes shady SEO companies take risks buying links from such sites and do more harm than good. One of the first things we do when partnering with a new company is checking their links to make sure they don't have toxic links causing damage.

The site is not optimized for mobile devices

You already have a definite idea of ​​the question:" Why is my site not ranking by search engines? " But there is one more important factor: Not optimized for mobile devices.
A site that is not optimized for mobile devices will not show up in ANY search. If your site is not mobile optimized, you need to redesign your site - we can help you!

Keep in mind SEO is a tactic that takes time to pay off. Part of the reason your website might not show up on Google is that even a skilled SEO can take months.

Paid media strategies for instant run

Why isn't my site ranking on Google?

If you don't have time to wait for organic distribution related to dominance in search engines, you always have the option of using paid media. If you want to appear on a search engine or on the relevant social network, we have solutions for you.

Google Ads or Pay-Per-Click

This type of paid digital advertising allows your website to immediately appear in the top searches in your industry. In many ways, this type of paid advertising allows you to replicate the experience of super effective SEO. You are charged when a user clicks on your ad, and as long as you keep paying, you remain at the top of search results

Local service advertisements

This new type Google's paid advertising channel allows you to display your business data for relevant search queries even above paid and regular listings. In this type of paid ad, you specify the type of work your company does and you only pay when someone calls you for that service.

Social media advertising

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest - you name the social media platform and it has an ad format that you can use to attract new customers. Social media advertising is used to build brand awareness, drive visitors to your site, and even bring in new leads in real time. Depending on your customer base and industry, one or more of these social media advertising platforms will work for your business.


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